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AquaStretch™ is a revolutionary technique that frees the body of restrictions that limits flexibility and may cause pain with movement.  Experience the extraordinary and often immediate benefits of:


• Feel calm, loose, mellow and mobile.

• Restore flexibility lost due to injury, surgery or training.

• Relieve muscle soreness and speed recovery from overuse or intense exercise. 

• Improve sports performance and reduce injury risk by optimizing range of motion. 

• Increase general wellbeing and quality of life, including better sleep and reduced pain.

Active release, facilitated stretches in the comfort of shallow water, using buoyancy to freely move into stretch positions that cannot be duplicated on land. The facilitator applies pressure and adds weighted resistance to maximize the stretch. You maintain complete control over the movement and stretch.  Experience the power of AquaStretch™ to improve movement and health!

Ai Chi

Ai Chi is a series of continuous slow and broad movements, with elements of Tai Chi Chuan.  Practicing slow movement techniques and diaphragmatic breathing increases relaxation; decreases muscular tension; improves symptoms.  It consists of patterns of movement of the arms, arms and trunk, and arms legs and trunk.  Ai Chi movements are used to improve the movement associated with chronic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, balance deficits diabetes MS, PTSD and other neurological and orthopedic problems.  It requires no equipment. 

As with Tai Chi Chuan, Ai Chi has similar breathing and relaxation benefits.  The three key elements essential to learning and practicing Ai Chi are

1.       Listening inward to feeling - directing attention to the internal environment

2.       Breath Modulation – focusing attention on the abdomen and fully relaxing and release any tension.

3.       Relax – letting go of tension in the body and mind, releases tension in the muscles, joints and tissue.

Aquatic Pilates and Yoga

"Pilates and Yoga performed in the water bring the mind-body connection into the aquatic exercise experience.  The performance of the bodymind exercise requires participants to examine what is happening in their bodies, and has them concentrating on the body part that is moving.  It is important they notice every detail of every muscle response in each movement.  Using bodymind in exercise helps achieve the following: 

1.  A state of meditation in movement – you can enjoy being in the moment and forget daily stresses

2.  An intimate relationship with your body – you can learn where you are weak, strong, tight, and flexible

3.  An awareness of how your body functions during exercise – you can understand how your body responds to different levels of intensity, which helps prevent injury

4.  A state of relaxation – you can gain a different level of mental and physical relaxation through the completion of physically demanding exercises."

Essential Aqua Pilates; by Anna Shay McEntee

Aquatic Pilates and Yoga encourage diaphragmatic and controlled breathing. They use principles of dynamic alignment of the body (positioning of head, cervical spine, scapula, rib cage and pelvis) during the exercises.  Core stability and control is fundamental to correct alignment, balance and safety of our spine.  The aim is to teach the body to control the muscles as well as to perform the movement smoothly and fluidly to gain optimal range of motion.


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