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Aqua Running/Walking

Aqua Running/Walking technique of water therapy is an effective form of cardiovascular condition.  It is used for both the injured and patients requiring a low-impact aerobic workout.  The patient may run/walk in place or actually through the water across the width of the pool.  The reduction of weight load on the joints makes this an ideal method of rehabilitation or conditioning the injured patient.  This is especially helpful for people with foot, ankle, and knee injures, or weight loss.  Special attention to over-heating will be given when Aqua Running/Walking in warm water.

Aquatic Aerobics

Aquatic Aerobics, Aqua Fit, and Waterobics are the performance of aerobics in the water.  It is a form of manipulating resistance and buoyancy to create work and rest, used in water training environment, rather than manipulating gravity as used on land.   The water allows for a greater range of motion when stretching.  The water naturally provides resistance to movement of the arms, legs and body. 

The use of aquatic equipment, noodles, barbells, and other equipment are incorporated to increase resistance and strengthen and work your muscles. Aqua step and balance beam is another way to get fit and assists with balance while preserving your knees.

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